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Everybody's always talking at me Everybody's trying to get betting tips baseball my head I wanna listen to my own heart talking I need to count on myself instead Did you ever? Loose yourself to get what you want Did you ever? Get on a ride then wanna get off Did you ever? Push away the ones you should've held close Did you ever let go? Did you ever not know? You know you can Bet on it, bet on it Bet on it, bet on it Bet on me I wanna make it right, that is the way To turn my life around, today is the day Am I the type of guy who means what I say?

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How boxing betting odds work

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A lot of bettors will think the line in the sand in halfway through the 10th round. Pretty soon, it will be second-nature and you can get down to the business of picking winners. Free Newsletter: Receive wiseguy plays, betting strategies and special promotions! Understanding the following 4 concepts will properly arm you to make standard bets on boxing: 1.

Minus-sign means a favorite. Plus-sign means underdog. Share this article with friends:. Quit wasting your hard earned money! Make the switch from to odds today You'll be so glad that you did! Click Here! How Do Point Spreads Work? Sports Betting Odds Explained - Most are completely confused when looking at betting lines for the first time. Loot explains what all the plus and minus signs signify and more!

Sometimes we forget about the house edge. Loot explains how vig juice works, which makes the actual break-even point How to Beat the Odds - Many bettors jump head first into wagering on games without a plan. Get educated!

Read this article, apply these techniques and increase your chances of beating the spread! How Live Betting Works - It used to be that you could only bet on a game prior to the game and at half-time. In-game betting has taken the sports gambling industry by storm and is surely the future of the industry. If you think so, then a wager on Fighter B should be contemplated.

I know there are people who look at a big price on a fighter and it looks appetizing on that basis alone. Sure, anything can happen, and sometimes it has. But even though a price may represent a big payoff for winning bet, you do not want to waste your money. That does mean the dog has to be a better fighter, or even close. There have been many, many cases where the better fighter did not win. In almost all of those cases, there was something the winner had that he could use to his advantage, as long as the conditions were right.

For example, if a fighter can punch with authority, and in your estimation, can do some damage, and at least can turn the tide in a fight if he gets through cleanly, you would want to consider a fighter like that. If the favorite has a questionable chin, that consideration should become even more serious. Barkley had been beaten a few times early in his career, and even after a winning streak had lost in his first opportunity for a world title against Sumbu Kalambay, by a wide margin.

Hearns had the vaunted punching power, was known for overwhelming opponents in the first few rounds, and had a much better skill set. But there were a couple of things that told me Barley had a chance. One of them was that I knew Hearns had the kind of chin that would put him in trouble if he got hit on the button.

His knees buckled the first time he was hit solidly by Sugar Ray Leonard, sending him into a retreat, and changing the whole nature of the fight. And when he has nailed early in his fight against Marvin Hagler, he lost his legs, which looked shaky for as long as the fight lasted.

In the fight that was immediately before his meeting with Barkley, Hearns captured the WBC middleweight title his fourth world crown with a knockout of Juan Domingo Roldan. But before that happened, he was in all kinds of trouble because Roldan nailed him with a right hand. Then he got nailed over and over with it, to the point where he looked on the verge of a KO loss. So I made a move in the direction of the underdog. At that point, it was just a matter of nailing a shell-shocked Hearns again, and just like that, it was over.

To some, that may have been an even bigger surprise — that Barkley could actually win on points. In that first fight, though, it was a matter of identifying the factors that could create a perfect storm for the underdog, having the understanding of how it could happen, and acting on it. Is there a certain point where a price becomes something that is too good to pass up?

And is that the way you should approach what you plan to do when it comes to betting on boxing? A lot of people have their opinions on this. I am a firm believer that if one considers that the underdog is the best choice in the fight, relative to the price — whatever that price is — it certainly justifies wagering consideration.

It is simple; you want to bet on the fighter who you think is going to win, or has a chance to win, as the odds are taken into account. No one gets paid for almost winning. There is no reward for losing by less than a touchdown, or anything like that. The same basic philosophy should apply to favorites.

Sports betting is extremely popular.

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How boxing betting odds work Taking a price is a different situation than laying money, and taking a price identifies the underdog. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. If the favorite has a questionable chin, that consideration should become even more serious. This guide will help you read boxing odds, place moneyline bets, bet on boxing parlays, as well as boxing prop bets. It means that you bet a dollar and get back three dollars PLUS your original bet. Manny Pacquiao vs.
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In money line bets, the amounts paid out in case of an underdog victory would include the initial bet amount as well. Over and under bets are also available for this match. Standard fixed odds are also available at UK facing sites.

Another fairly common form of betting for boxing matches is? Gamblers can get boxing betting tips online from reputed analysts and decide whether at all there will be a clear winner or loser in the match. If he feels the match will end in a draw, he can opt for draw betting.

In KO or stoppage betting, gamblers bet for whether a specific fighter will end a bout by surrender or knockout. Several bookmakers publish boxing betting odds for this kind of betting as well. Boxing betting odds and tips have to be carefully studied before a gambler places a bet. Upsets are fairly common and very often a gambler could lose money on a bet. This was the case in the January brawl between Shane Mosley and Margarito. Margarito carried very heavy betting odds for a victory but Mosley knocked out his opponent in the ninth round itself.

Globally, the sport of boxing is divided into five divisions or categories. Each category has its own set of players and competitions. As such the boxing betting odds being made available by bookmakers online are also categorized as above. The World Boxing Classic is a major event for bookmakers and fans of the sport alike. Bookmakers enjoy handicapping the Super Six World Boxing Classic event because it features six of the best boxers in the world and has a format of a round robin event.

Each player gets at least three bouts. After three bouts a-piece the bottom two on the points table are eliminated and the contest is reduced to the? This year? Boxing Betting Odds After a lull, boxing is slowly gaining attention as an important arena for sports betting. Basics of Money Lines Almost all boxing betting odds are for head to head betting or on the money line.

Some, of course, are better at this than others. Know the difference and know your fighters. This has the potential to be one of the most lucrative betting options open to punters, but they should be aware of how rare this can be. This betting market is a simple yes or no. Punters will lay their stake on yes if they believe that both fighters will be knocked down during the fight. The option of no has incredibly low odds due to the rarity of this happening.

Punters should be aware of all the divisions in boxing before placing a bet on this market and identify the ones where this could be a realistic chance. The most common of which is in the heavyweight division. These bouts can be changed by one punch. Joshua knocked down Ruiz in the opening rounds before Ruiz knocked down Joshua twice on his way to a seventh-round victory.

If a punter would have placed their stake on yes for this bout, then they would have won the bet. Like the prior mentioned market, this betting option could also be incredibly popular and lucrative. That is because it is extremely rare for a fighter to get themselves back off the canvas and regain their composure to win a fight.

Punters would be able to place their wager on either fighter successfully doing this, and it could be the most lucrative way to bet on the favorites. The odds for this market would be a lot higher than the Moneyline and could offer an interesting betting avenue once the punters have read through the recent records and performances of both fighters. Much like the previously mentioned market, this is also much more common in the heavyweight division than it is in the others.

That is because, lightweight fighters and welterweight fighters are more accustomed to fighting tactically and are prepared to win on points, while heavyweight fighters always want to win with a big shot. It is again a very common betting selection when it comes to heavyweight clashes, but there is value to be had in all divisions. That is especially the case when it comes to the fights where the best fighters are involved.

The punter would bet on one of the fighters to be knocked down during the bout. The bet is a winner as long as the fighter that the punter has betted on is knocked down. There are not many more emphatic displays in sport than a fighter knocking out their opponent inside a minute. It has become a trademark for certain fighters throughout their careers, which has seen their stock rise massively, and punters can bet on whether that will happen in upcoming bouts.

Punters have three options when it comes to this market. They can pick one of the fighters, or simply bet on either of the fighters winning inside a minute. The outsider on the Moneyline will have the higher odds, while the favorite will have the smaller odds. The odds on either fighter winning inside 60 seconds will also be lower than the Moneyline favorite since the punter would just need one of the fighters to win. It could be a potentially lucrative selection for punters as the odds are typically pretty big for this to occur.

The most common way to maximize your returns when betting on the Moneyline is by adding multiple selections into a longer bet. The most common way of doing this is through an accumulator. Punters can select multiple bouts on the Moneyline and bet on a number of bouts. Each winning punt ensures that your bet stays alive. However, if one selection should lose, then the bet in its entirety is lost, and so is the stake.

There are other multiple bets that punters could take advantage of to ensure that they receive some money back. Each will require the punter to have a different number of selections. But, inside of these bets, the punter would have singles, doubles, trebles, and four-folds.

If one selection wins, they will receive something, and the more selections that win; the more that the punter wins. It is a good way of ensuring some kind of returns. However, the punter will be required to place a larger stake on this bet to cover the necessary selections.

Boxing bouts are made months before taking place, with some fights even booked a year in advance. For punters, these can sometimes be hard, as they would need to examine when the best time to place a wager on these would be. Betting on the ante-post market can be incredibly lucrative, but the same issues should also be looked at before betting. The odds would change the closer that the fight gets, with the favorite likely to start at a higher price when the market is first set up on an online site.

This could be the perfect opportunity to get maximum returns on the fight itself. However, punters should be aware of how much could change before the bout takes place. Injuries could occur in training, which means the favorite may no longer be at their peak physical condition.

This could have a damaging effect and could lessen their chances of winning the bout. This is an important aspect to be aware of before placing the bet, and it could have a damaging effect on your bet. Undefeated since he took his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Smith accepted the […].

Fairly evenly matched in age, height, weight and reach, the bout was important to both, but particularly to Williams who sought to add another victory to his name. Opening the […]. The event will be available exclusively on DAZN […]. Saul Canelo Alvarez will be going down to take on a contender who is on an unstoppable win streak, with Callum Smith showing a lot of promise as a WBC title defender. Anthony Joshua defeated Kubrat Pulev last night, clearing the path towards one of the biggest boxing matches in the history of the sport — against Tyson Fury.

There will be a huge night of heavyweight boxing action this weekend, as Anthony Joshua fights on British soil for the first time in over two years. An exciting night of action will be headlined by the heavyweight title bout, but there is also an exciting undercard of bouts including Hughie Fury vs Mariusz Wach. The celebrity boxing bouts just keep coming.

It was officially announced in the early hours of Monday morning that legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather would be lacing up his gloves once again as he takes on another untraditional boxing opponent. His opponent for the mega fight will be Logan Paul, who is yet to record a […]. Since then, he was involved in a car crash in Dallas, and there are questions about whether the injuries picked up during that fateful night could have an impact on his in-ring abilities.

We […]. But, will he be able to continue to build momentum ahead of a […]. Multi-divisional female boxing champion Claressa Shields said in a Tweet she would have no trouble beating Jake Paul in a fight and called Paul not a real fighter. Vegas Odds moneyline total spread. Rating 4.