list of online football betting in nigeria time

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List of online football betting in nigeria time mikellides nicosia betting

List of online football betting in nigeria time

First, laws are still a bit unclear when it comes to online gambling. The country is still not fully prepared to deal with everything interned-related, and regulations are not quite there. While sports betting is legal in the eyes of the gambling law, there is no definitive final position on it. Second, internet quality. Despite having all these user numbers, Nigeria is still has a mobile connection.

Betting shops and kiosks are not yet a thing of the past, but online bookies are still a thing of the future. Present Nigeria is a force in motion, and it feels like the country is on its way to becoming the biggest African market for sports betting. In Nigeria, I was told that football is love, but it is a lie it is more than that.

In Nigeria, I was told that football is a religion, but it is a lie. It is more than that. If you are looking for some football or soccer action, every sportsbook will have a market for you. In addition to this, most of the sports sites come with choices of live betting, frequent match updates, cash out options and sometimes even live streaming. The same in many cases is true for other sports events. Nigerian bookmakers only rarely focus on some niche sports but rather they prefer offering a wide variety of betting markets for convenience and engagement of their users.

All Nigerian betting sites operate in jurisdiction of National Lottery Regulatory Commission — the local gambling authority. The companies have to obtain and maintain Nigerian licenses for sports gambling. So when you choose your bookie, scroll down and check if they have a valid license. Experienced bettors should be on the lookout for sites with new and renewed licences. These sportsbooks sometimes offer better bonuses and promotions for their audience to attract attention.

Out of all betting sites in Nigeria, the following companies obtained or renewed their sports betting licence during A famous Russia-based betting site with a shaky reputation and good odds. Nigeria has a good variety of different payment methods that allow users to make online transactions.

The availability of these methods depends on your location and willingness to search for available opportunities. Airtel Nigeria is one of the leading mobile communications operators in the country. Airtel services allow you to use your account as e-wallet which is very convenient for online transaction with betting sites. For example, if Chelsea are -1 against Tottenham, they need to win by two clear goals or more for the bet to be a winner. Handicaps work in the other direction too.

European handicap markets are sometimes shown as EH for short on sports betting sites. Asian lines : Asian lines are another type of handicap. They are named as such as they originated in Asia, but these markets can now be found at sportsbooks all over the world, including in Nigeria.

The difference between European and Asian handicaps is that in Asian lines, the number can be a fraction, whereas it is always a full number on the European handicap. Chelsea The half goal means that the draw is eliminated from the potential outcome of the bet, whereas in EH the draw can result in a push and the stake being returned to the player as a result.

The Asian and European handicaps are effectively a form of spread betting, but with sport. Asian lines can be used on various markets, including total goals scored, as well as for which team will win. Specials : Among the ways that the top betting sites try to beat their competition in the industry is through the use of special bets.

These can be a variety of markets, including request-a-bet wagers where customers can effectively build their own accumulators. Enhanced odds and price boosts are some of the other special bets that are widely available at Nigerian bookmakers. There might also be special football markets offered at times, for example offering the chance to bet on which manager will be the next to be sacked in the English Premier League. Many online bookmakers also allow bets on football transfers nowadays, with wagers taken on which club a particular player will sign for before the end of the transfer window.

However, it is natural that certain leagues and tournaments are a lot more popular to bet on in Nigeria. Here are some of the main competitions for football betting in this country:. There are no shortcuts to success when betting on football.

After all, if it was easy to make a lot of profit from football betting, everyone would be able to do it. The bookmakers would go bust! However, following a football betting strategy can be a good way to increase the chances of getting one over the bookies. Research is the key. With so much information out there, much of it in the form of data and statistics that is easy to digest, there is no excuse for not being clued up before having a bet.

It is also crucial to know all the latest news from the world of football, as an injury or illness to a key player is likely to have a big impact on a team's chances of winning their next games. Football betting tips can be found all over the internet these days, but it is hard to know which ones are worth following.

The best football betting tipsters are open about their records. Many football fans also use strategies such as matched betting in order to profit. In theory, matched betting provides a guaranteed profit as a result of all potential outcomes being covered. This tactic relies on using free bets from bookmakers and then betting on exchanges as well. Some of the most common mistakes to avoid in football betting are relevant for other sports. For example, chasing losses is almost always a bad idea.

It is also important to remain in control by ensuring a budget is maintained - never bet more than you can afford to lose. On a similar note betting while emotional, or while under the influence of alcohol, is never a good idea. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from football betting when on a bad run. Having unrealistic expectations over how much money can be won through football betting is another common mistake.

The vast majority of accumulators lose. While they offer the chance to win big, the likelihood is that at least one result will let down this type of bet. It is often better to stick with singles and doubles that bettors have full confidence in.

Missing out on the best odds is also a mistake many bettors make. Even when a bookmaker has enhanced odds for a certain bet, this is not necessarily the best price that is available. It is usually worth taking a bit of time to shop around with various bookmakers in order to ensure the top value is taken from a wager. A small difference in odds might not seem like it makes a big impact. However, those who regularly bet on football will see it all mounts up in the long run.

Linked to the above is the need to have accounts with a range of different football betting sites. There is nothing wrong with doing this, in fact, it is recommended. While some bookmakers do try to reward the loyalty of their customers, usually the number of free bets that are offered across the industry means that it just makes a lot of sense to have many more options.

Lastly, placing too many wagers is something football fans should avoid when betting. It is usually more profitable to carry out deep research on a few well-chosen bets rather than spreading money around a large number of wagers.

While it might seem as though more bets equals more chances to win, this is not the case if they are bad bets. Football betting works in much the same way as placing wagers on other sports. In essence, betting on sport is trying to predict what happens in the future, once the action starts on the pitch. Decisions that need to be made include choosing a wager, selecting which betting site to use, and working out how big a stake to place on the bet.

After those choices have been made, it is simply a case of logging into the chosen bookmaker's website and confirming the wager. Bets are paid out automatically into accounts when they win. However, our research has found that there is a group of top betting sites that are ahead of the competition, due to factors such as their high odds, mobile apps and customer service.

Over and under could be among the terms that are hard to understand, but they are really quite simple. They usually relate to goal markets that are popular choices at football betting sites. For example, over 2.

Under 2. Virtual football betting can be a great option at sports betting markets when there is no live action available, or if the games that are ongoing simply do not appeal. In virtual football betting, customers at football betting sites place wagers on the outcome of computer-simulated sports and events.

Other virtual sports like horse racing are offered too. Virtual football matches are played around the clock, so there is always something to bet on. Making money by betting on football is a mix of luck and skill. There is always going to be some luck involved due to the fact what happens out on the pitch can be so unpredictable.

However, the more research that football fans do before placing their bets, the more likely they are to be able to find winning wagers. Making the most of free bets and various other special offers and promotions can also be a good way to make money out of betting on football.

Another strategy that is increasingly popular is to use matched betting, where exchanges such as Betfair are used to lock in a guaranteed profit from wagers placed using free bets. In football betting, as with other sports, a push occurs when there is no winner in a bet between the backer and the bookmaker. When this happens, the stake is returned to the player's online betting account. An example of when a push might happen in football betting is when the European handicap is used.

A push can happen in any football wager that is essentially spread betting, for example betting on the number of corners in a game, or how many yellow cards are shown by the referee. Best Nigerian Football Betting Sites. Claim More info. Payment methods Read more Claim. Football Betting Special Offers and Promotions. Here are some of the most common - and the best - football promotions to look out for. Virtual Football Betting. When this happens, an alternative betting option could be to have a wager on virtual football.

However, here are some of the most common football betting markets - and what they mean: 1x2 full-time result : A simple one to start off, 1x2 is the match odds market. Football is a truly global sport, which is great for betting as there will always be a game on.

Here are some of the main competitions for football betting in this country: Premier League : England's top division is often described as the "best in the world". That might not be true, but it does draw a huge amount of football betting attention in both Nigeria and all over the world.

Many big clubs who drop out of the EPL get stuck in the EFL - the Championship is one of the best-supported leagues in the world despite it not being a top division. La Liga : The appeal of Spain's top division has faded a little of late with their traditional powerhouses, Real Madrid and Barcelona, both going through a period of transition.

The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Madrid has also lessened the league's appeal. Nevertheless, La Liga remains one of the most popular leagues to bet on in Nigeria. Bundesliga : The fan culture of the Bundesliga is the envy of the world, though the fact Bayern Munich tend to dominate makes it less watchable than La Liga or the EPL.

Lots of young British talent now plays in the Bundesliga, which increases the league's appeal. Ligue 1 : France's top league is another monopoly, with Paris Saint-Germain seemingly able to top the table at the end of each season without having to break into a sweat. Regardless, many football fans in Nigeria still like to have a bet on Ligue 1 regularly. Other domestic leagues : Football fans usually have a preference over which leagues they like to bet on, but the choice is almost endless. Scottish football gets mocked regularly but there are opportunities to profit, while the top divisions in Holland and Portugal are some of the most popular from a betting perspective as well.


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But before that, let us list the top 5 best or most used betting sites according to survey carried out on Nigerian youths. What makes these 5 top most used Nigerian betting websites are their Fidelity in payments, percentage of high odds, percentage bonus on high selections, minimum number of bets that can be made, time taking in processing and delivery of funds, customer service credibility and maximum win. Taking Bet9ja as a case study. Though the remaining 4 betting websites may not offer the same percentage in facilities, they all have a high percentage in facilities when compared to other betting websites.

These are the betting Websites available in Nigeria. Hope you did find this list helpful? Feel free to add to it using the comment section below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Fast paying and good customer support. You can also place bets on a match or games that have already started or still in-play. It only takes few hours to withdraw your money from your betting account to your bank account.

Their odds are very high too. This company is highly recommended. They also offer bonuses too customers on bet slip. You are assured of uncommon betting and administrative experience, tailored to excellent customer service with live betting fully activated. If you decide to open an account with us and place your funds, such funds are safe. Because we believe we are holding your money in trust for you for an immediate payout when you win or want your money back.

Withdrawal takes maximum of 24 hours. They have a special package called keno that constantly puts money in your pocket. They are highly recommended. Fastest paying betting company in Nigeria of winnings to both Agents and customers, and they also offers bonus to customers on bet slip.

Their agents never run into loss. The Nigerian Sport betting company sites are the same standard as any international bookmaker Company site's. You can place bets on all international gaming events with them. With some of these sites you can even place bet during live games. Some also support all types of games, Soccer, Basketball etc.

NOTE: To all readers kindly note that the above company are subject to reveals for shuffling according to their performance and agent and customer patronage. Please make your choice wisely and thank you for your reading patience.

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