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Everybody's always talking at me Everybody's trying to get betting tips baseball my head I wanna listen to my own heart talking I need to count on myself instead Did you ever? Loose yourself to get what you want Did you ever? Get on a ride then wanna get off Did you ever? Push away the ones you should've held close Did you ever let go? Did you ever not know? You know you can Bet on it, bet on it Bet on it, bet on it Bet on me I wanna make it right, that is the way To turn my life around, today is the day Am I the type of guy who means what I say?

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Betting ticket grim fandango

Return through "High Rollers Lounge". Take the bridge under the Zeppelin and go to the Morgue. Enter through the lower doors. Get your metal detector and give it to Membrillo. He starts examining the bodies. While he is searching one of them quickly drop Naranja's identity-tags on the other body. Membrillo finds it and identifies the body as seaman Naranja. He calls Velasco and tells him Naranja is sprouted. Mission number two is accomplished.

Now you have follow up Lola's clue. The photo is from a cat-race. It leads you to "High Rollers Lounge". Return there by way of the bridge under the Zeppelin. In the hall with the betting window are two betting-counters. Talk to the men on duty.

From one of them you learn that cat-hats are used Tuesdays only. From he other one you learn that you can see a photo from a race if you can show a betting stub from it. You can see from the photo that it is race number 6 and that it is a Tuesday, because their wearing kitty-hats. But which week? You remember having seen something about a week, at the display case with the big cat. Go check it. It says week number 2. Get your stub printer. Use the arrows and change the entries as shown at the picture to the right.

Then go to the upper key and press the up-arrow. The stub is printed. Go to the counter and give it to the man in duty. He'll give you an envelope. Look at it. At last you find Lola's photo. Put it away. Go back to the casino, and ask your coat-check girl if you have any messages from Lola. An empty envelope? Go to the high rollers club. Talk to Nick, using lots of flattery. Threaten to tell about Olivia and him, until he goes to talk to Maximino.

Pick up his cigarette case, and take it back to the security check-point. Give it to Carla, saying it was left under her desk by a lunatic. Pick up the turkey baster. When the French waiter walks into the pantry, close the doors and jam them with the scythe. Glottis should hopefully walk in and drink from the barrel — if not, you may need to open the tap first.

When it is empty, climb the ladder and use the tin opener with the barrel. Drive the fork-lift into the lift, and go up. Climb aboard the fork-lift whilst the lift is moving, and push the prongs through one of the gaps the raised sections in the lift doors.

When the lift passes an opening, the lift should stop. You can then use the lever on the side of the fork-lift to open the doors. The patch to fix this is available on the LucasArts web site. Walk down the passage and get the suitcase. But what is Charlie doing? At least you got your union card. Try giving this to Glottis, for a laugh. You can also give it to Olivia, for another laugh.

Walk to the Blue Casket, and enter the kitchen. Use the turkey baster with the dirty water from the sink. Go now to the tattoo shop, and open the fridge, then the bottom tray to keep the door open. While the tattoo artist is distracted, use the water from the Blue Casket in the bottle.

The sailor will fall asleep. Take the ID plate from the sleeping sailor, and leave. Give the metal detector to the pathologist, and you have bought yourself a ticket on the SS Limbo. Go to the docks where the Sea Bees are. Give the revolutionary book to them, and watch Terry get arrested poor guy.

Go to the high rollers club, and tell Nick you need a lawyer. Show him the photo to help convince him. That felt good. One problem — Glottis is addicted to gambling. The only way to stop him is to go bankrupt. Congratulations — you cheating scoundrel. All that time your mind could be busy, solving puzzles? You loon. So how do I get the vip pass?

Hey Kristina, more information needed really. Did you get the ticket printer from Charlie or have you got neither? Go again to your roulettes, Bogdan will be there again after you get all the other things you need. Make him lose again. I am stuck at the end of year 2. I can do the chant about times over but then go wrong. How many times should it go around before its completed? Or am i missing something?

There is an error with these instructions. Possibly others but this is a major screw up. Otherwise you will need to return to the snow machine before you can use the grinder on the Sproutella. So you would need to return to the snow machine and replace the grinder so you can put the arm in it. Sadly most people will not read these comments, and those who do will read them too late so will not know about this problem until it is too late and they have had to back track to replace the grinder.

Thanks for pointing it out. But now I am stuck! Have I missed a step somewhere or have I encountered a glitch? My mistake. Hi i am in year 3. I did everything and i think the last thing i have to do ist to tell glottis what to use to Go throught the riff.

What do i have to do exactly? I dont get it. Yes, same problem. No cutscene, it just deposits me on the beach with Glottis and Meche, while the annoying kids play around in the background. Edit: Get back into the crane, and drop the chain into the grinders. Lift it back out again, and the grinders will be set free for Glottis to use on the boat. Is a small piece located in the ship above where I think there is a cloud, does anybody know how can I complete that? Please help! He jugado muchas veces a este juego y siempre me falta la misma pieza del puzzle, me refiero al mural azteca que se va iluminando a medida que avanzas en el juego.

Is there anyone that has been through this that can guide me through this issue? There is an elevator ouside the blue cascket at the left, you have to take it and go up. Look for a door that automatically opens. Thanks Ryan! So, I found that lift already that took me to the morgue where the two bodies have sprouted and the empty prison.

I keep getting stopped by the metal detector before the escalator. If I remember correctly, once you leave the lift you can go left or right, and left is to the club. Cant get the picture from the ticket guy. I put the stub as Tue, week 2, race 6 but no luck. I play the game on a laptop with win7 and a mouse. I am at the last year, so far so good. Btw thanks for the tips, I am trying hard to get my way, but when I am severely stuck, I check your guide.

Thanks in advance…. While it look your way, lower the car onto its tail, you just have time after you climb up to the overhanging metal walkway. You have to wait till the alligator looks at you then go back up in the ladder then use the controller. Cheif Boegon is the one you have to kick out of your casino.

I sometimes wonder how I got through this game for the first time all those years ago. I only look to the walkthrough after I exhausted every idea for passing through. But many times I did everything that you said to do, but not in the perfect way that the game expected.


Look at it. At last you find Lola's photo. Put it away. Now go the saloon with the golden cat and show the photo to Nick. He goes to defend Terry. When Terry is freed, he flies away and you are alone with Nick. When he is trying to leave you knock him down as a good-bye. Now only the tools for Glottis remains. Go down to the striking Seabees. They have left all their tools at the wall. Look at them and try to take them.

They're too heavy. You realize that Glottis must get them himself. But how can you make Glottis leave the bar. As long as he has credit he goes on drinking, and as long as he owns part of the Casino he gets credit. Police Chief Bogan himself is there gambling and he is winning all the time, Has he a bargain with the croupier? You must change that.

Climb the stairs to your room. Look at the pen on the desk. A secret panel is opened and you can follow the game below. You are holding your finger on a magnet, pressing it changes the winning number. When the rightmost of the three lights is glowing red, press Enter. The winning number is changed to Everybody gets confused and Bogan accuses the croupier. Then he realizes Manny has had a finger in the game. Bogan gets mad and has the Casino shut down. Maximino gets a telephone call.

Glottis's credit is ended and he is thrown out of the bar. Manny is waiting for him outside and together they go to the quay. They say good-bye to Velasco and go onboard. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company. Head up the stairs and then take the stairs to the right of the main stairs Take the elevator to the VIP lounge First head to the right and head for Nick sitting at the table, say: "Nick, I need a lawyer.

He'll leave, now take his cigarette holder Go to the kitchen of the VIP room and take the Turkey baster bottom left Wait until the waiter comes in and enters the pantry. Close the pantry doors and use your scythe on them Glottis will empty the barrel of wine Walk up the ladder and open the barrel with the can opener Get in the barrel Use the forklift and drive into the elevator Turn the forklift around and place it in front of one the holes at the bottom of the gate Get off the forklift and push the elevator button.

Get back on the forklift You'll pass a dark spot in the wall, once you see it drive forward with the forklift, blocking the elevator Get off the forklift, walk to the other side and use the lever, thus opening the gate Walk through the hallway and get the briefcase Charlie will give you your Union Card but not as you thought he would Seabees to the rescue Go down and head up the main stairs, take the green stairs up to Carla 2.

Use the cigarette box on her, say: "I don't know. I found it under your desk. You now have a key to the lighthouse. Head back up to Carla 4. Drink the gold falke liqueur and pass through the metal detector 5. After a thorough search you find yourself alone with Carla, say: "Hey, Carla, that's an awfully nice metal detector you have. Head back down to the litter box room where you got the can opener 7. Walk near the end of the "spring-board" and use your scythe on the litter box, you now have a metal detector 8.

Head back to the blue casket 9. Use the turkey baster on the dirty dishwater Head for the lighthouse go outside the blue casket to the left and go past the bees Head to Calavera cafe up in the elevator She'll give you a jacket, search it and you'll find a piece of paper Head to Toto's Tattoo shop follow the rail in front of the cat race track Go to the back open the fridge and then open a compartment of the fridge Now go to Naranja's bottle and use the Turkey baster filled with dirty dishwater on it you'll have to be quick After Naranja passes out, search him, you get his dog tags.

Give Toto the piece of paper you found in Lola's jacket Go to the photo finish boot of the cat track and use the ticket printer Make a ticket with the following digits: Week 02, Tuesday, Race 06 Use the ticket on the photo finish boot, you now have the photograph of Nick kissing Olivia You'll be standing in front of the morgue, enter it 2.

Use Naranja's dog tags on one of the corpses 3. Give the metal detector to Membrillo 4. Naranja is now officially dead Glottis' gambling addiction You can do this earlier on in the game also, but if you see the cutscene, playing it in this order makes more sense 1. Go to Calavera Cafe, to your office 2. Use your desk, you'll open up the roulette control panel 3. Raise the anchor to the right press right red button 2. Use the controls and push to the right you'll go to the left 3.

Lower the anchor to the right and raise it again the other anchor will be pulled up too 4. Use your scythe on the anchor, lifting it onto the porthole 5. Raise the anchor on the left the ship will be shredded in half 6. Walk to the edge of the light and press the use button if Chepito walks by, say: "Well, I don't wanna break your stride there" 2.

Now press the use button again and you'll grab his light 3. I promise you won't eat this one! The Pearl 4. Talk to the kids in the cage and say: "Why do you want to bite me? Pick up the tiny hammer one of the kids threw at you 4. Pick up the silk stockings out of the trash can 6. Go back to the elevator 7. Walk to the left at the bottom and walk up to Chepito 8. Give the hammer to Chepito and you'll get the Bust-All 9.

Use the stockings on him and he'll give you your own sprout gun How do we get out of here? Walk back to the elevator don't use it and walk to the right 2. Pull the handle to make the conveyor belt go down 3. Climb onto the conveyor belt and walk up I wonder how he does that 4.

Get into the crane and move it to the other side of the island 5. Drop the chain push down and get out of the crane 6. Walk down to the beach and use the Bust All on the claw you're even more destructive than Rambo 7. Get back into the crane and lower the chain again 8. Now that it is stuck, raise the chain 9.

Move the crane back to the other side of the island and lower the chain Get out of the crane and go down on the conveyor belt Pull the lever to change the direction of the conveyor belt and do it again Go back to Meche's office you know the way Go to the vault door between Meche's office and the elevator 2. Use the Bust All on the door, now you can see the tumblers of the door 3.

Use the weel to rotate the tumblers the flat side of the tumblers have to point to the right side 4. Use your scythe on the tumblers 5. Pull the door handle 6. Close the door 7. Use your scythe on the electric wiring above the door 8. Pick up the axe in this room and drag it to the secret room 9.

Drop it somewhere and use your scythe with the sprinklers Turn the weel of the pipe on the right look at the tile where the last water disappears Why does Domino always have to ruin everything Crunchy 1. Go down and open the coffin damn it's that pesky little Bruno , you will get the mug you gave him before Leave you'll first get a note from the Gate dude 4.

Enter the room under the track where the cable is coming out of 5. Talk to Glottis snif , say: "What can I get you? Will anything help? Go down to the kitchen 7. Use your mug on the golden cup rack 8. Open the drawer under the rack and pick up a rag 9.

Head out of the kitchen and use the rag on the oil barrels next to it Go back into the kitchen and use the rag on the toaster The Bonewagon is dominoed This must have been Domino's idea 1. Follow the track to Toto's tattoo shop 2. Once inside use the medicine cabinet behind the tattoo books on the right 3. Head to the docks back to the bonewagon, bottom left and then to the right and Valesco will talk to you 4.

Pick up his ship-in-a-bottle 5. Go to the blue casket left and up and enter the kitchen 6. Use the bottle on the keg 7. Go back to the bonewagon and use the bottle on Glottis he still likes to drink 8. Talk to him, he'll puke warm gelatine on the dominos 9. Use the liquid nitrogen you got from Toto on the gelatine to freeze it Use the sprouted body of the soldier to get his arm 2.

Use the trash can to pick up the photo 3. Talk to Meche and head out of the headquarters yourself 5. Once you arrive at the bonewagon you'll take the remote from Glottis 6. Head up the ladder to the right and then use the ladder in the back 7. Pick up the pot of coffee 8. Use the ladder behind the Thunderboys 9. Use the coffee pot on the Thunderboys Go down, put the coffee pot back and enter the door to the right Head back up the ladder and use the arm on the grinder Get the grinder You can't do 11 and 12 earlier, if you do it after step 9 the games starts acting up, crashing, the inventory acts strange, So don't do it!

Go down 2x and enter the casino staircase to the right Go down to the casino area and talk to the guy in the trench coat 2x Talk to Meche 2x Put the sheet over Charlie's head and talk to the guy in the trench coat Enter the bathroom Getting my own sprouter 1.

Go back to the bonewagon and enter the tunnel to the right 2. Use the grinder with the arm in it use it a few times in this room, leaving a trail right up to the tunnel to the right 3. Use the remote so that the bonewagon raises itself 4. Drive forward and let Manny get out of the bonewagon onto the ledge 5. Run down the ledge and climb down the stairs make sure you got the remote in your hand 6.

Use the remote the alligator is now stuck 7. Enter the florist 8. Use your scythe on the ball of tape above the door 9. Enter the florist again you'll get a gun and a bottle of Sproutella The confrontation 1. Go back to the casino and talk to the Pink demon watch the keno board above your head and keep the last number that appears in mind 2.

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I saw "week 2" on the plaque with the giant cat, but where do you get the other numbers and how do you know where to put them on the printer? Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. It's a part of a puzzle that has more pieces. The day you get from one of the ticket booths. The last number you get from a picture of the finishing line , which is part of another puzzle that you acquired at Lola's death, where you find a card that you exchange with Lupe, because it's part of her coat check system.

You know which one is the day, the other two is a case of trial and error once or twice. You can also look at your ticket once you print it and Manny will tell you which day and week you selected, if you're not sure which button is which. Lola left you a trail of clues. Inside the jacket you found a note "36 Rusty anchor" which you give to Toto.

He'll show you his tattoo design catalogue and he found a cat race photo from Lola left for you there. The cat race photo show you That makes sense, definitely one of the most detailed puzzles. I must admit, I got stumped by this puzzle just yesterday and sadly have turned to UHS which isnt especially subtle at providing you the solution to get past it. My problem was, that although I tried looking at the plaque below the giant cat two seperate times one steping the character I didn't manage to focus in on it.

So essentially I didn't know that there was a piece of information available. Dont read on, if you havent solved the puzzle yet. The line above should be the only hint you need. The next part that prevented me from piecing it together was that the second window counter which provides you with the information regarding the cat hat day has no indication whatsoever, that you would be able to interact with that part of the environment.

And I mean NO indication whatsoever. So essentially I was left with the information on the photo. Did already make the connection with the ticket printer, followed the false lead to input 06 race 06 week, and cycled thorugh all the days, because I had no idea whatsoever that any of the other information pieces are hidden on the track.

There is a conversation with the track owner that takes place that alludes you to the blimp being directly connected to the stuffed cat, but that one is only available after you've solved the ticket printing puzzle - so wtf? Also - on the photo there is Olivias name on the blimp, but confronting Oliva with the photo just gets you stock answers. Essentially, this puzzle is implemented very badly. Either make the plaque more obvious I would have gotten it from there , or make the second counter window more obvious, or let the conversation with the track owner trigger earlier, or give Olivia a response to the photo.

None of this is in the game - so it becomes a question of chance to recognize the plate. Which is the catalyst to the whole riddle. Last edited by harlekinrains ; 31 Jan, pm. Still the ticket guy says it is fake. Printer numbers are a bit wonky in my game but Manny says when examining that the data in it is right.

Race 6, Week 2, Tuesday. I checked it already ofcourse. But eventually I got the photo from Toto. ThunderPeel Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. Are you using a walkthrough or something? Why are you giving the attendant THAT particular ticket and expecting anything different? After hours of pointless clicking I had to look up something.. This game is harder than I imagined. Luigi Zobacz profil Zobacz posty.

Hello, I'm stuck at that part, too. I already got Lola's coat, the photo from Toto etc. I had to take a look at a walkthrough and it says: "Open up the betting stub printer. Print out a ticket for Week, 2 Tuesday, Race 6. Or am I missing something there?? I already gave him the correct stub and nothing happens.

Dr Karotte Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. There are in fact two identical counters with two identical looking guys, a friendly one and an unfriendly one who is the one with the kitty hats as I remember. But the friendly one is the right to give him the ticket.

Arrgh, no way! It's been 10 years since I last completed the game, I forgot about so many details. Crowsy Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. I can't work out what I am doing wrong. I got the photo from Lola's coat, examined it. Got the other clue from the stuffed cat but it won't let me print off the ticket, 02 Tues The nearest I got was 02 Tues It seems the event doesn't want to trigger but I can't figure out what else there is to do.

Gorlom[Swe] Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. I did the Tattoo section and got the photo from Toto which gave the clue for the Ticket yeah? But I enter details 02 Tues and 06 but I no option to print out a ticket.

In Year 2, there is a point where you can exchange a betting stub for a photo.

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Sbr forum nba betting predictions I have a photo of some cats I got from the tattoo artist. Membrillo has difficulties identifying to sprouted bodies. Make a ticket for Week 2, Tuesday, Race 6. Go into the garage open gate in the alley Change language. I already got Lola's coat, the photo from Toto etc. If you are unsure as to whether or not you may distribute this document, contact the author tim.
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Betting ticket grim fandango Any tips for this issue or is it a glitch? Keep me logged in on this device. Take the bridge under the Zeppelin and go to the Morgue. Head to the back of the garage, knock on the door and meet Glottis. You'll also come into ownership of a betting slip printer. Every time I try to remove it, it grinds more stuff. Repeat this until the secret cave opens.

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