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Csgo betting reddit the division

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Of course. But as any intellectual would do, they would and should come out to apologize in hopes they'll able to someday come back to the pro gaming scene. It doesn't take much brains to think about how to amend a mistake. Getting caught was thanks to their moment of greed, and their lack of integrity. Tbh, throwing for skins was a pretty smart idea if they didn't leak it out to the entire polish community. No, it takes a bit of forethought to realize what they were doing was risky.

Anyone competent would not use ID associated steam accounts to do something so blatantly unethical and ban-worthy. Its not like Dig , LDLC or NiP would throw a game for bets , since they have fans and an image to take care of and also make more by straight up trying to win. It's called incentive over integrity, I'm sure some corrupt cop from a 3rd world country can make 10x his salary looking the other way too, same thing.

This will hopefully serve as a warning for other teams that are thinking about throwing a game. Tbh i feel kinda sorry for the two who didnt bet or appear to profit i dont know if they bet on egaming instead? I think if people are caught hacking and that is confirmed hacking not just a false positive or deliberately throwing the game they should be banned from all tourney's for atleast 1 year or even life that way people will really think twice about cheating or throwing.

Also hope CSGOlounge has it in them to ban a teams matches on the site if a team is proved to have "rigged" the match. But as Esports grow and i hope CSGO grows we might see a lot more involvement from valve in the scene. Just wishful thinking as of now.

The other 2 players have just not been caught. Why would they play a match that they are going to throw without betting? Maybe only 3 decided to throw without telling the others? If 2 people are trying it looks much less like a throw and more like shitty plays. Well, they said that other top players in PL knew about it, so why wouldnt the entire team do so aswell? But since it was 3vs2 they just may put up with it since they didn't want the outcome they eventually got This is not enough Banning them permanently is overkill.

Their reputations and csgo careers as it stands are already ruined with them being released from their own team. Lol no I wouldnt do the same because I have infinite more opportunities to get free shit and pretty much free money for sitting on my ass and doing good in a video game. It's like robbing a friend that you deal drugs to, you stand to make a shitload more money off them just selling them the drugs instead of robbing them for one big payoff.

Did they seriously only gain steam funds or did they win actual money for thr0wing? Either way, they should be made an example of but man if all they got out of this whole ordeal was money for steam then LOL. They won skins, which could then be sold for real money because some people are crazy and willing enough to do so.

Hey guys, let's not forget that ALSEN team is a victim there too : I'm not much into them but i just started to support and cheer for them. It's hard for them to loose division, and becouse of this whole thing their reputation is screwed! They are about to take a break of half year with csgo, it's sad they have nice sponsors like razer nvidia and hyperx.

Man, fucking up your CS GO career for dollars worth of skins. Thanks for the clarity, I don't know how it took me that long. Are you fucking kidding me!! This is honestly just sad. If I had the skill to compete on a team, no way would I waste it for any amount of non-winning earnings. You should compete out of respect for the sport. They didn't just have skills, from the match history, looked like they were definitely one of the stronger polish teams on the scene.

Just pathetic and unsportsmanlike. Fucking pussies. I'd love to go up to the 4 probably all 5 because the 5th obviously knew regardless of if his bet was made public or not that bet full value on Eliminacja and give em one swift backhand to the cheekbone. Just one. This sounds more like your angry about personal losses instead of the integrity of the Pro csgo scene.

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93 votes, 13 comments. m members in the pcmasterrace community. Welcome to the official subreddit of the PC Master Race. In this subreddit, we . CS:GO betting site is also using wallpapers from Tom Clancy games (The Division, Rainbow 6 Siege). Close. 5. Posted byu/[deleted]4 years ago. Archived​. Welcome to the Rainbow Six subreddit, a community for R6 fans to Cs:go betting site copying art from Rainbow 6 Siege and the Division.