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By a beautiful piece of flying, McKeown conducted a perfect landing, in spite of being without wheels and therefore having to catch a wire lower than usual and than as indicated by the mirror landing sight. Palmer, Virginia Beach, Virginia. YOUR piece on Operation Musketeer November issue mentions the green beret placed on the head of the statue of de Lesseps - but fails to note that the union flag and the French tricolour were placed in his right hand.

I believe she was one of the last ships to leave the area, sailing on Christmas Eve. Bryant, Boston, Lines. I was serving in the destroyer HMS Intrepid when we were called to intercept the Franco cruiser Canarias which had captured the British cargo ship Stangate. We escorted her to safety and then, about two nights later three torpedoes were fired at us which went harmlessly under the ship.

Action stations and depth charges followed and on arrival at Palma next day an inquiry was held in HMS Hood. Neither the incident itself nor the findings of this inquiry were ever made known. Tranter, Bromsgrove. Customs officer WHEN I read that divers had been down to seal off an oil leak from the wreck of the Royal Oak I was reminded of a photograph I had taken of some of her ship's company just a few weeks before she was lost.

The Sunday war broke out my girlfriend and I we have just celebrated out 56th wedding anniversary were on the beach at Weymouth. Some sailors from the Royal Oak were walking around and I asked if I could take their picture. Martin, Newport, Gwent.

There were survivors. U, still under the command of Gunther Prien, was depth charged and sunk with the loss of all hands by HMS Wolverine on March 8, There was nothing "anonymous" about 'Joe' Beckett. He was a well known naval character, an authority on Boatswains Call, its history and use.

Woe betide any Signalman who used an Acme Thunderer whistle instead of the Call when paying respects to passing ships. Morris, Norwich. The little armadas sailed to launch crippling blows against enemy shipping and coastal installations. At night, the throb of their engines was frequently mistaken for being the sound of German aircraft attacking Portsmouth and Gosport.

In the s a number of experimental MTBs berthed alongside Hornet's regular family of "small ships" in the "Hornet's Nest" at Haslar. Jack's comments varied from "lit you touch me there again I'll scream" to the unprintable. Franklin, Lambeth. Convert your experience into Qualifications.. Lancashire B62 ILH. Telephone : Fax : 01 and a suitable arrangement will be made for the initial assessment.

Feilden Street. Lanes BB2 1 LH. European Pitfalls of taking a sporting chance car drive challenge to Forces TLAMS from ;ill three Services are being invited to break the reeord tor driving a ear a g r u e l l i n g 3, miles from the most northerly point in m a i n l a n d Europe to the most southerly.

He is mustering military participants in this year's rally. Teams must consist of at least three drivers and navigators in a current, standard production car lilted with sealed and calibrated tachographs. Competitors may choose their route, but must pass through Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France. Speed limits must be observed, and any contravention which shows up on the tachograph will result in disqualification.

Any new record will be entered in the Guinness Hook of Records. A more leisurely event, a sevenday treasure hunt, is being run at the same time, covering 1, miles of Spain. J Fit I. WITH the growth of professionalism in sport, Service people are being warned of the pitfalls which may exist if they are paid to train or be a member of civilian sports teams. There are increasing opportunities for Service personnel to receive financial or other rewards for competing, administering or officiating in connection with civilian competitions.

However that would be regarded as accepting tempo-. Assent may only be given if the activity does not involve official time or affect the individual's efficiency as a member of the Armed Forces. The national governing bodies of some sports - such as the Football Association - prohibit the signing of contracts by Service personnel.

But where they don't, individuals are warned not to enter into an. A new DCI points out: "Demands on time placed by professional sport on individuals may be considerable. Depending on the commitment required, individuals will have to consider when participating in professional sport, whether they can meet their objectives through participation outside working hours or whether they would have to request leave or unpaid leave.

Personnel are also reminded that some-. Commanding Officers considering applications for participation in civilian sport are being told to advise applicants to take out insurance as the Ministry of Defence will not accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage sustained by a Service person taking part in sport outside official duties.

The taxable sum would be paid to medium career commission officers from two years before they would normally be due to leave, and to full and extended career pilots when they qualify for their pensions. There is a need for only 55 Sea Harrier pilots which means that applications for premature release can magnify the effect on the total number of fliers.

Moves have been taken in the past to try to avoid the loss of pilots whose selection and training is expensive and time consuming. Now the bonus has been introduced as a feature of a new package of retention measures. Licence cost Pilots who wish to take advantage of the award will have to undertake to serve u n t i l they qualify for a pension or - in the case of medium career officers - until the end date of their commission. The payment is designed to assist officers in the transition from.

The measure will be reviewed in October Competitors could choose one of two topics. Both winners picked the subject "What lessons, if. Each month a glossy 5"x4" picture of the current ship of the month, featuring its badge will be forwarded to you. Adult sml med Ige xlge xxlge Please state size, colour will depend on stock availability.

No withdrawal of Naval representatives would be made before the process was complete, said Lt Cdr Cooper. Changes in representation would be made over 12 months and any withdrawals would take into account changes of post-holders and the timing of annual general meetings. The Royal Naval Bene-volent Trust which prides itself in being run "by the Navy for the Navy" may also experience reductions in the Navy's commitment.

Lt Cdr Cooper stressed that the changes would not affect Naval fund-raising, organised by groups in ships and establishments, for affiliated or other charities. The FOJA. Donations from pay In consultation with KGFS, a six-month feasibility study is being run to investigate the introduction of voluntary deductions from pay.

As a main part of the project, a questionnaire has been drawn up by the Defence Evaluation and Reseach Agency and will be sent to a respresentative group of 3. It is expected to show how many are prepared to donate, as well as how much and to which Naval charities. If the study is successful, the donations would be directed to the selected charities t h r o u g h. Both chose to write on the lessons learned by the Royal Navy as a result of its participation in the closing stages of the Pacific War.

If they apply to you, study the full, original text. From front page KGFS and introduced in about a year's time. I am aware that if the scheme is introduced, consideration will then be given to reducing the level of serving representation. I am apprehensive over the effect on some area committees that t h i s would have.

All charities likely to be affected by the changes are being contacted. J KGFS income plan - see page WITH 1, invitations issued a day, 90 performances a year and audiences of up to people a night, the Royal Navy Presentation Team is going from strength to strength as it tackles its 26th annual tour. The team, led by Captain Mark Kerr - soon to hand over to Captain Adrian Johns - provides a dynamic and hard-hitting briefing on the Navy for opinion-formers up and down Britain.

Invited guests typically include senior industrialists and businessmen, politicians. JPs and professional people. Research has revealed that 98 per cent of attendees say they are impressed or very impressed with the show, and admit that they have "had their eyes opened" over the role of the Navy. L'Oricnt-based 4F Squadron and hosts Sqn both specialise in Airborne Early Warning, the early detection of low-flying aircraft, and they meel regularly to exchange information and techniques.

Liaison between the squadrons was instigated some 30 years ago. The French squadron disbands this year, but is expected to reequip with llawkeye aircraft next year, when it is hoped the visits can resume. Although the British squadron disbanded in , it reformed in , and is currently equipped with M k l l Sea King helicopters.

The French 4F squadron flies Breguel Alize aircraft. The department was one of 44 of the safest companies which were presented with the Oscars of the safety world at a ceremony in Goldsmith's Hall. The awards, inaugurated in , recognise c impanies whose dedication U accident prevention is promo ed actively at all levels to pr itcct people, machinery and I uildings. Some compa lies apply each year, and are scrutinised in 16 areas of safety. Random checks arc also carried out.

Competing against nine others at the Royal Navy Volunteer Band festival in Portsmouth, t h e Seahawk band won the award for the best concert performance. Bandmaster Colour Sergeant Jonathan Camps said: "It has meant a great deal to us to win one of the major awards. They have just accepted an invitation to join the carnival atmosphere in Cologne, Germany, in February.

Mr Soames also apologised to the House for unknowingly misleading MPs over the widespread use of organophosphate pesticides during the Gulf campaign. He said his earlier statement had been made as a result of "flawed advice". New work on the illnesses will be undertaken by epidemiologists led from Manchester University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Researchers will have access to US work on the subject, and the British experts will. Mr Soames said that so far veterans had been examined and there was no evidence of a new pattern of illness. Neither was there evidence that vaccinations against possible attack with biological weapons had had ill effects. He said whatever the case, the Government was determined to get to the bottom of the matter. A force, including members of 45 Commando RM, had been on 72 hours notice to leave for Africa, b u t that has now been lifted although 45 Cdo stay on shortnotice to deploy as part of the Joint Rapid Deployment Force.

During her year with Babcock Rosyth Defence Ltd - BRDL - new weapons equipment was fitted and some compartments converted to accommodate midshipmen under training from Dartmouth. She is then scheduled to undertake an Armilla deployment. The ship will be the first surface warship in a number of years for new Commanding Officer Captain Paul Lambert, who has already commanded two submarines.

Veterans Medals Lost Your available! When Spina Bifida sufferer Ben Berryman wrote to Northumberland early in her recent South Atlantic deployment, the ship's company decided to do all they could to help. Simon Charlier. The DIY volunteers, all students of Operational Flying Training Squadron at RN air station Culdrose, offered their services as inexperienced but enthusiastic decorators when they heard that some freshening up was needed at the hospital.

A new coat of paint soon brightened up the ward and patients are already appreciating the difference. The event involves a punishing 10km run from the base of the famous volcano to the crater car park, and those that took part said it makes the Gibraltar Rock Race look like a m sprint! The ladies event is a slightly less demanding 5km slog, but both courses are u p h i l l all he way. Vice Admiral Sir John Webster said: "It is going to have to increase year on year to keep pace with the growing demands and an ageing population and sadly, the financial consequences of greater need amongst younger people.

With the fall in occupancy at world around us and its history Enhanced publicity, increased Pembroke House, the RNBT's since and the 70 or so conexpectations and the reduction in own residential home in flicts our Armed Forces have been the size of the Royal Navy meant Gillingham, Kent, to 74 per cent, involved with since then. It has that numbers applying would conthe home's future is under review.

Royal British get across to ensure we have confrom donations, covenants, legaLegion President Vice Admiral tinuing support. Special thanks went to Mr Roy Flood of Trebrownbridge who was the main sponsor, and to friends and families to helped support the race. The historic Admiral's Gig, built at Devonport in , is believed to be the last in service. Picture: Courtesy ol Mr John Thompson. Jet Photographic. The officers, from HMS Collingwood's systems management course, completely refurbished and redecorated a building to house a shopmobility centre which provides wheelchairs and four wheeled scooters.

The annual event attracted more than teams from all over the world but they all have one aim in common, to raise money for good causes. To add to the fun, everyone weighed in before the event started and the combined loss after three hours was over 20 kilos! All public rooms, including the reception area, lounge, dining rooms, bars and ballroom, have been upgraded.

The Club was founded in and moved to its current site in Morice Square at the turn of the century. Over the past decade more than Urn has been spent on upgrading facilities. It now has 60 bedrooms, mostly en-suite, and is extensively used by serving and retired sailors for accommodation, reunions, and other social functions. The Club is a charitable foundation, although mainly self-supporting, and the upgrading was supported by The Sailor's Fund, the Nuffield Trust, and Flag Officer Plymouth's fund, before the post was disestablished.

The Type 23 frigate was making her first visit to the Pool of London, and the ship's company made full use of the opportunity to strengthen links with affiliated groups and to make some new friends. He also inaugurated a bench press which has been presented by the Clothworkers Company. The visit was the final opportunity for the ship's company to enjoy a run ashore before the frigate entered refit in Devonport last month. As well as the ten fatalities, thirteen other women were seriously injured when a faulty anti-aircraft shell, thought to have been fired by a local battery, exploded in the dining room of the Mansfield Hotel at Lce-on-the-Solent in Hampshire on the evening of November 23, Only one woman escaped u n h u r t - and Mrs Pat Brookman was at the ceremony to remember those who were not so lucky.

Also among the who attended was Mrs Patricia Dymott, who was the most seriously-injured survivor - and she met the man who dragged her from the wreckage of the hotel. Ray Crawford 74 , from Nottingham, who was in the duty Emergency Party on the night of the accident.

The hotel, which has been converted into a residential home for old people, was used as accommodation for Wrens based at nearby HMS Daedalus. The creation of a plaque, and the reunion to mark its unveiling, was initiated by dosport Aviation Society member Ron Jones, whose interest was sparked when he was searching for his uncle's grave in Haslar naval cemetery. He found a row of eight Wrens' graves which showed they were all killed at the same time, hut giving no details - for security reasons, the only information released at the time spoke of an air raid locally.

When Mr Jones - a Fleet Air Arm veteran heard that Daedalus was to shut, he was determined the incident should not be forgotten, so appealed in Navy News and a Daedalus souvenir publication in The News, Portsmouth, for further details. Members of a number of exservicemen and women's associations also attended the unveiling. The only note of sadness came as a result of Mr Jones' search for families of the ten victims.

The 15 branches of the RNPS Association paraded various standards during the march through the Suffolk town to the Cenotaph, which was followed by a service and wreath-laying ceremony. The visitors brought a replica battle flag with them, indicating squadron operations and successes against the Germans. But the original wartime flag.

As I couldn't get the original we made a replacement - but it would be nice to see the real one again," said Arthur. Champagne Etc. But the atmosphere inside a damaged submarine can deteriorate rapidly leaving escape to the surface the only option, and thanks to a team of experts at HMS Dolphin every submariner is trained at ready for this eventuality.

The SETT is no simulator the water is deep and the dangers are real -pressure changes inside it would burst your lungs in seconds you tried to hold your breath on the way up from the bottom. For trainee submariners fresh from HMS Raleigh, failure to pass the course can mean a rapid transfer to the surface flotilla and weeks of specialised training down the tubes, so it's small wonder that most candidates arrived on the course feeling apprehensive But after two days of training, culminating in a fully equipped escape from a chamber more than 30 metres below the surface, we had enjoyed the experience so much we'd have paid to go through it again.

Highly motivated The submariners, scientists, and special forces personnel trained at the SETT know that one day their lives may depend on the training they receive and are highly motivated. And they are in good hands. The escape tank staff have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and put themselves to the test with live escapes from submarines at sea. Their record stands at over ft. My place on the course, and everyone else's, depended on passing a full medical, chest X-Rays and tests in a decompression chamber, but once the course began, progress was swift.

After a brief introduction, we were taken to the tenth floor of the SETT building and peered into the illuminated depths of the tank for the first time. Underneath it, suit. By Dominic to expand as you get Forty seconds shallower-so it is vital Blake later he burst to compensates by through the escape breathing steadily all hatch into the tank the way up.

The compartment was flooded and pressure equalised, and one by one we were pulled backwards into the tank by staff and tapped on the Audio Visual. Gentle encouragement to blow out harder was given to those with an unimpressive stream of bubbles before being released for the ascents to the tank top.

After one more run at 30 feet, we went deeper still and repeated the process from 60 feet. Nine instructors were in the water for every ascent to maximise safety, and after run we were told to stand on a white line for four minutes to be observed for signs of decompression injury. Next, we were taken to the escape tower underneath the tank floor, where we were briefed for the next day's escape, and practiced 'fleeting' -the technique used to reach the tower in a rush escape by sharing breathing units.

Theory lectures followed on every aspect of submarine escape from controlling and monitoring carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the boat, firing surface distress signals and the capabilities of the American Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle DSRV and the British LR5 submersible. But the moment of truth came on the morning of day-two when everything learned had to be put into practice with a 'suit run' from 30 metres.

After fitting the baggy orange escape garment, I listened carefully to my final brief and climbed into the tower when told to do so. The bottom hatch clanked shut and the chamber began to flood. Feeling uncomfortably like a firework lighting its own fuse, I rammed the connector on the sleave of my suit into the high pressure air supply to keep it fully charged and buoyant for the rapid ascent ahead.

Critical moment When the water reached chest height, more air began to blast noisily into the pocket trapped between my head and the escape hatch to quadruple normal pressure. During these few seconds the air feed to the suit is critical. Accidental disconnection would cause the suit to collapse, shrink wrapping it's occupant with the loss of both air supply and the buoyancy required to get to the surface.

Meanwhile, inside the tank, the instructors took up their positions at various depths, and two were sent the very bottom in a cableoperated diving bell. Back in the escape tower, a fine mist developed, slightly fogging the clear plastic hood of the escape suit. Clearing my ears as rapidly as possible, the air continued to blast in and droplets of water began to rain down as the escape hatch above started to lift.

Seconds later the hatch blew open, the chamber was swamped and I floated through into the tank itself and was grabbed by the instructors who were waiting for my response: "Yep, I'm OK. I'm happy" and they clipped me on to the wire traveller and let me go After the din of the escape tower, the ft ascent through the bright, blue water in the tank was hugely relaxing. With nothing more to do than to lean back and breathe normally, there was time to enjoy the ride as the depth indicating lines flashed by at 5 metre intervals before bobbing out waist high on the surface.

With a real escape in deeper water, the air pressure inside the tower would be equalised with the outside of the submarine much. The final lecture taught us to use the survival equipment on the escape suits - a personal location beacon, sea water activated light and individual life rafts. And at the end of the two-days there was high praise for the course and the SETT instructors: "Brilliant fun. I'd do it again any time, hopefully not for real though! I feel confident that I could escape in a real-life situation.

The final suit run was an experience that will stay with me forever. Rescue team leaps ALONE, and possibly hundreds of miles from friendly shores in heavy seas, the escaping submariner is still in a grave position. After the order to take off, the aircraft would fly straight to the search area and listen for distress signals from locator bea-. The group train throughout the year in all climates and sea conditions to make sure they are ready for any eventuality.

Once survivors or the indicator buoy have been seen, the first two men would parachute into the sea with an inflatable boat. If there were no survivors on the surface, their first task would be to establish communications with the submarine. A second boat team, life rafts and the rest of the SPAG specialists, including medical staff, could then jump and the team would be ready to pick up escapees as they reach the surface. Once in the life rafts the team can administer first aid, oxygen.

The initial and continuation training for all members of the submarine service is the 'bread and butter' of the SETT staff's work, but if a submarine did go down it is not just the SPAG team that would leap into action. SETT staff coordinate the British submersible rescue. Luckily they were not stuck on the sea-bed, but in the environment chamber at the Institute of Naval Medicine at Alverstoke, Hampshire, which has begun to research the problems of survival in a sunken submarine. Tasked by the Defence Research Agency, on behalf of Director of Research Sea , with "maximising survival prospects in a disabled submarine", the Institute took full advantage of the newly-refurbished environmental medicine chamber, now offering a temperature range of between OC and 50C, to test volunteers under the most realistic conditions yet attempted.

A team of 11 volunteer submariners was assembled by Institute scientists, led by Research Officer Survival Carol Windle, for a ten-day "worst-case scenario" trial. By Mike Gray They went through an initial escape drill, giving a bench-mark, then settled down to while away the long hours until the final escape drill seven days later. The temperature steadily dropped from 22C to 4C - air inside a crippled submarine will probably fall to within a couple of degrees of the outside water temperature.

Humidity was raised to a foggy 95 per cent. The men spent a week on daily rations of lOOg of barley sugar and a pint of water each - this being the longest a crew would be expected to wait for rescue, although in reality they would have to be prepared to escape at any. Exposure Although the Americans have run sophisticated computer models of such situations at ambient temperatures, and the French experimented in the early 90s using a real submarine over three days, this is the first time the.

Navy's survival assumptions have been put to the test, and it is thought to be amongst the most extensive trials of humans under such extreme conditions. Lines which the Institute could follow up include non-freezing cold injury signs of which accounted for two early victims of the experiment , and the effects of increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the cold - CO2 is thought to be a mild anaesthetic which could inhibit the shiver reflex, speeding the onset of hypothermia.

This picture was taken on the second day of the weeklong experiment but the men, all members of the submarine service, had already found it necessary to strap pillows to their heads to help keep warm. After seven days the thermometer read just four C. WHILE scientists were reading data, logging results and working out future lines of inquiry, for four men the ten-day experiment was a case of gritting their chattering teeth and planning a huge meal at the end.

It was miserable," said Mark. It's very different at 4C. The escape suit was damp and clammy with the condensation, your skin gets cold; it's a vicious circle," said Pete. After a few days on barley sugars and water, thoughts inevitably turned to the day after the trial ended. They were in the plan so we just had to eat their food," said Mark. The final meal turned out to be a giant pot mess, with herb garlic bread, cola no wine allowed , cheese and French stick and after-dinner mints.

They've been very cheerful, and have been doing anything we asked them to," said Paul. I got so cold, and you just had to lift that handle and you were out. But there was no going back. We thought we could cope. But the temperature wasn't right down - it had come down to 14C, but had to go all the way down to 4C. Their strength hadn't seemed to have fallen, but their dexterity had. In this scenario the escapees would then have to survive on the surface until rescued. Live testing of submarine escape equipment at sea not only proves to the flotilla that they can have faith in their capabilities, but it allows the SETT staff to liaise closely with equipment manufacturers and to suggest and trial improvements before they are introduced.

Escape training provides special forces with an excellent means of covert insertion from submerged submarines, but they also need to know how to get back in again Tins offer is exclusive to service personnel in service accommodation. Following installation of your telephone normal rental and call charges then apply.

Offer subject to normal BT terms and conditions. KING George's Fund for Sailors launches a new initiative this month which aims to double the level of voluntary income received each year. The 'Year of the Seafarer' initiative to be unveiled by Shipping Minister Lord Goschen in January already has the enthusiastic backing of the Government, the Royal Navy, the Chamber of Shipping and leading nautical charities.

It is designed to focus the public's attention on the vital role that seafarers play in the life of the nation where 95 per cent of trade arrives and departs by sea. Details of the Trophy competition are announced in DCIs and the competition organisers are hoping to attract even more entries to next year's competition. Lives lost More than I , people earn their living directly from the sea in the Royal and Merchant navies and as fishermen, and many lives are lost each year, leaving behind dependant families in need of help.

KGFS and the nautical charities we support will be back on the map in a big way. Amphibious Warfare And more! An exciting action packed picture to enjoy every month, in the o. What a super New Years Gift! Send us the recipients name and address and We'll even deliver it for you. Admiral Ashmore was at Downside School, Somerset, to unveil the plaque and bell in honour of Dom Martin Salmon, former Abbott of the school, who died last year.

At the end of the war he became a monk. The bell which forms part of the memorial is a replica of that carried by HMS Arrow. The original presentation of the silverware was made to Lt Bostock by Sqn to celebrate his marriage, but he was shot down over Trondheim by the Germans in The frying pan forms the squadron's Waffle Trophy, awarded to the student best able to cook up a good story, "displaying the verbal and mental dexterity required to manoeuvre their way out of any situation.

King Harald of Norway, Honorary Colonel Commandant of the Royal Marines, opened the North Wing development, which houses 32 new exhibits against a backdrop of lifelike recreations, special effects, and the latest in audio-visual and laser-disc technology. Before the VIPs and guests were given a tour of the museum, at Eastney Barracks in Portsmouth, director Colonel Keith Wilkins and curator Andy Lane outlined the redevelopment project, which aims to create "a new museum for a new millennium".

During a four-day period, Beagle conducted two overnight discreet surveys of South Coast beaches, which were then rushed to the command ship HMS Fearless, which Beagle led through a minefield at the culmination of the exercise. Since her refit, Beagle has also been carrying out continental shelf surveys off the southwest of England, and recently completed the final sheet of an extensive three-year survey of the South West Approaches.

Arm war veteran Ken Fletcher, believes it is time to see who lies in the grave marked Emlyn Howells in Treorchy - if a body lies there at all. An application has been made by Mr Fletcher to As reported in last month's Navy News, a researcher open the grave in the family plot in Treorchy, but their has claimed that he has identified the body used by original target date of January 15 looks like being intelligence services to deceive the Germans during missed.

The Germans fell for the ruse, "They were playing name redeployed their troops, and the games - there are so many conAllied landings in Sicily in July nections between details on the met light resistance, saving thousands of lives. Howells' niece was called Dulcie. Roger Morgan, a London town "If there is no body in the Treorchy grave it adds weight to planner, believes the body to be my story - no one saw inside the that of Glyndwr Michael, a coffin as it was sealed when it was vagrant who took rat poison and died in London in January brought by train from London.

If there is a body, it could be that of recently declassified documents actually name Michael, although Glyndwr Michael. Originally designated a war Others cast doubts on the grave, it was declassified in claim, not least because they when the Admiralty failed to believe the presence of poison deny that the body in the grave could have jeopardised the deception, codenamed Operation was that of a civilian. Picture: Colin Gibbon review at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission led to the Pontypridd, South Wales, has reentered the fray, saying his candidate has better cre- grave being reclassified as a war grave, on the grounds that original inquiries for a body were accepted as havdentials - and claiming his story could be backed by ing been quietly undertaken "in service medical cirthe opening of a Treorchy grave.

Even if the Huelva body was a civilian, his posthuthe conclusion that the body used was that of Emlyn mous role in the operation would make a war grave Howells, a barman who died of TB and pneumonia. Mr Howell's niece provided photographs which appropriate in the eyes of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Now the widower of Mr Howell's niece, Fleet Air greater protection than civilian regulations.

Box 16, St. Tickets booked in advance also admit two under 16s FREE with each adult. Tickets valid for any day of the show except January 2nd. Eleventh-hour visit caps year career fied Naval Divers. I've served "Robbie" had been planning a all over the world - the only counvisit by his daughter Karen for try I've missed out on is Japan. Robbie 52 , from Torpoint, Cornwall. He saw action in the Falklands up to," said Karen. He was due to take up his appointment on January 2.

Bill Young, who is based at Yeovilton, took the Welsh Heavyweight title and was also overall Welsh champion at Aberdare in October, which qualified him for the Association of Natural Bodybuilders British final. There, in his first year as a heavyweight he came seventh out of 14, and he believes another year of gaining weight and muscle should put him in with a good chance of winning the GB heavyweight title next year. Bill pictured said his success proved you can get good results and physiques without drugs, with a little time and hard work.

I can show anyone of any age and ability how to get fitter, stronger and more healthy. In presentation box with matihinf; SOin nnk-ihain. Mummum 4 lines 2 each iKle. We aim at reium-ol-poM service. We aJso manufacture unengravcJ rcguljuon 'naval issue' calls ji K. PtiMapc II. CretJil tanls aixqnnJ. Highlight of the visit was his attendance as Guest of Honour at Trafalgar Night - and the celebration is somewhat different in Naples in that ladies are invited to attend, which is seen as appropriate as it was in Naples that Nelson formed his relationship with Lady Hamilton.

Four firemen, two policemen and two postal workers sailed from Plymouth in the Type 22 frigate and watched various exercises in the English Channel before taking part in the Thursday War. The week ended at Liverpool when the ship arrived for a busy weekend of sport and social engagements in Bolton, including a dance, tug-of-war, golf, rugby, and a trip to Old Trafford. And the sands of Portwrinkle beach represent the snow across which they will have to ski, dragging 4 K lb of supplies and equipment.

The two men have also been working on strength and stamina, hauling tyres around Dartmoor, swimming fully clothed in the local pool, and dragging upturned vaulting horses around the gym for hours on end. The walk, planned for , will take them from Canada to the pole and Canada is their destination for a seven-week training period at Resolute Bay starting next month, when plans and equipment will be fully evaluated.

Before that the two Royals will undergo a week at low temperatures in the Institute of Naval Medicine's environment chamber in Alverstoke, Hampshire, where they will acclimatise to the harsh conditions expected in Canada. The Institute will also be using the expedition to gather information on how humans cope with low temperatures. Sean and Alan are no strangers to rigorous expeditions - they were part of an unsupported four-man team which crossed Iceland on foot and skis in J Cold spell at the Institute of Naval Medicine - pages 12 and A year ago she collapsed at work and was confined to bed.

She never fully recovered from surgery performed at her local hospital, and she now relies heavily on walking sticks to get around her home, and is wheelchair-dependant outside. As a result of her condition and poor mobility, Toni has been virtually housebound for a year, and was often confined to an armchair, which her occupational therapist deemed unsuitable as it was extremely uncomfortable, and placed an unacceptable strain on her back. The riser facility now allows Toni to stand up without aggravating her spinal condition further.

The Grants Committe also provided cash to enable Toni to buy a portable nebulizer, which relieves the breathing problems from which she also suffers. He raced in, brought the child ashore and revived him. C'pl Loftus took around 30 seconds to descend the ft drop from the bridge - and hopes his example will encourage up to others to sign up for the charity abseil, raising up to L Officer joins the medics A Royal Navy officer was seen masquerading as a doctor by millions of people - but it was all in a good cause.

Cdr Whyntie wondered if there was a chance to appear on the show - and became Dr Nick Stevens, an extra seen for a couple of seconds in episode 11, watched by 5. Cardiac Arrest. Trafalgar has been exercising in the Arctic and the Atlantic, including work with an American submarine under the pack-ice, torpedo trials with HMS Westminster, and she has also been gathering environmental data on ice melting due to global warming. She returned to Devonport at the beginning of December.

Chaplains Coffee Bar has been designed to provide all personnel at the Navy's school of weapon engineering and communications training with an alternative venue for breaks and lunchtimes. The bar has naturally taken the theme of Charlie Chaplin, containing photographs and props of the great actor, and was the idea of Church of England chaplain Mike Brotherton, who himself has an office full of Chaplin memorabilia.

Who cares who he was? Well, of course a lot of people do. Everyone loves a mystery - more and more in these uncertain times as the approach of the millenium has brought about an explosion of interest in strange stories, arcane philosophies, mysticism, UFOs and the like. It is part of the mystery of faith: we hope the Man Who Never Was may have had a story of his own to tell to make him a bit special.

More probably he was entirely unworthy of note - except that his mortal remains were given up to serve a mythology that survives the hard facts, as myths always tend to do. We have lately also been presented with the 'revelation' that many Jews served in the Wehrmacht - even at high level, where they were cynically maintained by the Nazis who expected they could revise their situation once their talents had served their purpose.

Also that the inhabitants of the Channel Islands collaborated with the occupying forces to a greater extent than the popular image suggests. The instinct of self-preservation - the vital instinct of all forms of life - dictated their actions, so why should we be surprised? On the other side of the coin, more information has lately come out of the archives relating to the wartime roles of the Duke of Windsor and King George VI.

The latter was, like his father, a naval officer by training - and by temperament too, we are now told, belying his own received image of a reluctant monarch sustained only by the support of his wife. Well, this wasn't a 'revelation' either - to those in the know he was always a better bet than his more glamorous, shallow elder brother.

It could be argued that naval training brought out many of his best qualities. There has been a lot of talk in the national press of how the Armed Services of many European - and east European - countries have lately come to look at our training as a role model. Most of today's role models - fashion and film stars, media upstarts in general - have little to recommend them. So these so-called revelations may at least serve as reminders of an era when our forefathers' idea of duty, whether to country or to family, was as much an instinct as a requirement.

Even if some of them interpreted it in different ways. Whoever the Man Who Never Was was, he was disguised as a package of irreproachable naval background and the enemy bought it. So don't let's bother too much who he really was, this mystery man of half a century ago - let's bother a bit more about what we might become in the next one.

And what we might help others become. Yachts in particular should come under closer scrutiny with regard to useage, for which applicants should provide details. All applicants' chances of success were aided by the written quality of their bids. All other applications were unsuccessful. LJ Revised guidelines for the submission of grant applications are contained in BR The intense pressure which has been building up on Galways Wall on one side of the peak had caused large cracks to appear and there was a possibility that these would cause the face to fracture.

Should this happen, the ensuing lateral blast of hot material could scatter over a wide sector of south western Montserrat. Overnight the situation appeared to have stabilised somewhat and fears of any immediate explosions had subsided.

The risks, however, still remained, with the volcanic alert, state orange, still in force. This makes almost all the southern half of the island off limits. Laid waste During the ship's planned three-day visit key personnel toured the island with local government officials, inspecting the emergency facilties, hospital and communications stations to enable the ship to integrate and co-ordinate effectively should the situation require her quick return.

Meanwhile the planned programme of events for the visit was allowed to go ahead and HMS Boxer's ship's company were given a warm welcome by villagers as they came ashore. Life in the village of Salem, close by the jetty, appears to be relatively undisturbed, despite the volcano's presence,dominating the skyline, its top shrouded in mist. The countryside seems fresh and green and it is only from the air that the lava flows and areas laid waste by the fall of hot ash can be clearly seen.

Working parties were landed to paint and renovate, sporting fixtures against local teams were played and a party for children was arranged in traditional RN style, the sailors dressed as pirates. HMS Boxer's presence in the area continues to reassure the islanders. She is well equipped to provide technical support and if necessary will act as an emergency command and communications centre.

Deployed in the area at the same time was HMS Westminster. She visited Port Canaveral to prepare for these and some members of her ship's company snapped up the chance of a privileged tour of the Kennedy Space Centre where the Space Shuttle Columbia was preparing for take off. Inset: how it looked in August when the threat of a major eruption appeared imminent, HMS Westminster's Lynx helicopter taking gas samples. The Club will have its own special section in Navy News.

But we need your help before the official launch of the Club! Last month we asked you to give us ideas for the Club's name and we still need lots more names to choose from, so keep thinking! Every good Club should have a mascot and your's will be no exception. It could be an animal, something nautical or even a totally made up figure. There's a prize for the best idea!

The closing date for the Club name or mascot is March 1st In our last issue we told you that Navy News will make Club members birthdays very special. If you provide us with your date of birth on joining the Club you may have an entry like this on your special day. In this special feature Navy News takes a look at the past, the present and the changes ahead for the Navy's most northerly air base. It has been operating from the base on the north side of Prestwick Airport for 25 years. Since November 23, their watch on the Clyde, the highway at first Polaris and now Trident submarine patrols, has been unfailing.

Meanwhile, a smatter but more publicised part of their task has been to save hundreds if not thousands of lives in search and rescue sorties which have grown fourfold over the past ten years and are now approaching an. The naming of the base after a quarrelsome seabird with a reputation for voraciousness may not seem particularly, appropriate.

Is from Culdrose to the Prestwiek base which was then largely composed of old buildings constructed during the war. Today, the base bears little resemblance to the original site and in recent years a comprehensive rebuild has provided modern accommodation, new hangars, a new sick bay and, most recently, a much improved squadron building and purpose-built met utfice. The aircraft have changed, too. Advances in avionics and detection equipment have updated the Sea Kings, of which the Mk 6.

But 's activities reach far beyond Scotland. That side of the squadron's work has over the years included many high-profile operations including participation in the search and rescue efforts during the Piper Alpha disaster - and has been spotlighted by a major TV documentary series screened in More recently, the SAR aircraft - callsign Rescue - was in the news when it airlifted a sick sailor from a Russian submarine.

HMS Gannet are sustained by a large support team which includes 60 maintainers, 60 air engineering ratings, 18 caterers and a stores department which stocks 15, different items ranging from hellcopter engines to mattresses. It is set in motion for special occasions - normally the anniversary of the Taranto raid in November 11 ' A trench has been sunk in t lie wardroom floor to allow running clearance. Since the propeller has been complememed by a refurbished engine, found by chance by a Royal Marines officer who stumbled across.

They are on the national mechanical engineering course field at the base. The propeller was spun for the silver jubilee dinner hosted by the CO and attended by Flag Officer Naval Aviation, Rear Ad iral Terry Lcilighran, and former C0s of the air station n saundroris which have been based there.

Humanitarian acts such as those edly help Gannet to maintain its st with the local community, and the Scotland as a whole. Exemplifying those links was Council's invitation to Gannet per. There is also a strong op department providing hour ct days of the year, a team of 13 mm dedicated meteorological and graphic office and civil administration, building meint cleaning and transport roles.

The Search and Rescue helicopter of Squadron practises landing in confined areas In the hills of Galloway. The surprise raid caused so much damage that it effecneutralised the tiveiy enemy's capital ships for several months. After that, was briefly absorbed by Squadron before under reforming Coastal Command for minelaylng duties in the North Sea. In the squadron was. With the addition of eight Wildcat fighters to squadron strength, downed four enemy aircraft and sank another U-boat in From then until the end of the war the squadron flew night ea patrols over the North from airfields on the east coast and later in Belgium.

Disbanded in , was not reformed until when it was equipped with Wessex anti-submarine hellcopters and based at first at Eglinton. Disbanded again in , it was reformed a month later at Culdrose shortly before moving to Gannet. Victor rightly gives priority to news of operational ships - but all Navy News' regular items get a mention, including reunions and the rest of the At Your Service entries. The "Talking Navy News" is a free service provided to customers all over the UK - but there must be many more out there who would welcome it.

In a message for the latest edition Editor Jim Allaway said: "This an extremely worthy cause. A number of our readers are getting on in years and will be suffering from fail-. AFTER all the mayhem and melodrama of Crimson Tide submariners may have felt the time was right for a more realistic look at their branch of the service. Once again, a bunch of misfits and rejects turn out to be adept at all manner of unconventional skills and end up routing the representatives of good order and discipline.

Not perhaps the most true to life scenario, but good for a gag or two along the way. Grammer, a name one itches to re-spell, is a dead ringer for Bob Hope circa and displays the same nifty sense of timing with a one-liner. Lauren Holly is the woman on board the writer of Police Academy could hardly refrain from putting a woman on board while Bruce Dern is the aghast admiral.

Dern's performance has an edge of authentic malevolence, scarcely appropriate for such a light comedy, but which some may find sympathetic in the circumstances. There seems to be a number of leading men named Baldwin around at the moment. Alec of. He has two new movies going the rounds. Heaven's Prisoners was made by his own production company, from a script which makes sure to set his character a properly heroic agenda: overcoming alcoholism, grieving over a dead wife and demonstrating super-tough guy efficiency while righting wrongs and protecting the weak.

Demi Moore is up for jury duty on a big Mafia trial; Baldwin is the Mob enforcer hired to terrorise her into ensuring a Not Guilty verdict. No half measures for Baldwin: his role here is as unconditionally evil as the other is comprehensively heroic. It's a nerve-wracking tale, with some sort of jeopardy threatening to overwhelm our Demi at every turn. Barb Wire is a futuristic comic strip of a film, whose main reason for being is to attempt an image make-over for its star, Pamela Anderson or Pamela Anderson.

Lee as she is credited. She appears kitted out in black leather and supplied with a range of fire power and martial arts skills, enabling her instantly to abolish anyone whose presence displeases her. Clearly the ideal juror in a Mafia trial. A whole world of knowledge is waiting for younger readers in. Incredibly, the complete million word text of Encyclopaedia Britannica is on this one disc in the fastest, most efficient format that modern technology can provide.

Also there are over 65, articles by the world's leading authorities and more than 4, drawings, diagrams, maps and photographs, many in rich full colour. Britannica CD97 is so easy to set up and use, and there are no complicated computer commands to learn. All you need to do is type in your question - such as, Do fish sleep?

It's so simple, the whole family can start to use and enjoy it straight away. Reach for your mouse and you instantly have a world of knowledge in the palm of your hand. This volume encyclopaedia is a child's first glimpse into the world they live in. The colourful pictures and easy to understand articles stimulate a child's curiosity and lead them on to discover a fascinating new world of knowledge.

From abbeys to airliners, cars to computers, vampires to videos. Children's Britannica explains everything in words and pictures children understand. Send today, without obligation, for your free copy of The Britannica Advantage full colour booklet with details of the Special Group Discount. To: Encyclopaedia Britannica International Ltd. But for those who prefer the feel of the printed page, the classic, elegantly bound New Encyclopaedia Britannica in 32 volumes is available in a choice of four bindings.

Over 31, lavishly illustrated pages contain more than 82, detailed articles and cross-referenced entries. Written in easy to understand language you will find them compelling reading which stimulates curiosity and encourages the desire for knowledge. Children are intrigued and adults fascinated. Again and again you will find yourself turning to Britannica for sheer pleasure as well as specific information.

Command failure by remote control "I AM NEITHER a historian nor an academic," James Eberle feels the need to apologise when opening a study of the development of the command of sea power in the 19th and 20th centuries. But it has the value of concision, common sense and good humour all qualities notably rare in the groves of academe - plus the benefit of hands-on experience.

Admiral Eberle makes it plain from the start that modern considerations of naval command can only sensibly be made within a triservice context - and points up a number of failures in recent command practice and the use of intelligence. Even with good organisation and computer assistance, he argues, it is not difficult for a commander, ashore or afloat, to become overwhelmed with information. Political control He cites an example he often gave to his staff - of a senior officer of an Atlantic escort force, who, with his convoy scattered, his captain injured, his own ship damaged and several others sunk by a U-Boat wolf pack and with another gathering in his path, was presented with "a most urgent, secret and important signal" which read: "Commence hostilities against Japan".

Eberle sought to modify - with some lasting success - the development of "Rules of Engagement", a British invention, sold to NATO, designed to improve the ability for crisis management. These became popular with politicians, he notes, since they permitted a degree of fine political control that had never before been available. But they inhibited the freedom of action of commanders at sea. I did not win, but did succeed in making some important simplifications, which remain.

Having siezed the bridgehead, the 3 Bde commander was expecting 5 Bde to land and take on the next phase of the operation - the break. The consequences of it could have been very serious indeed. Thus the recent announcement of the setting up of a standing joint force operational headquarters at the HQ C-in-C Fleet, Northwood is much to be welcomed. The first danger is that everyone is working from the same database.

That is fine and to be welcomed, provided that the database is accurate. That could be fatal. In the past, the very fragmentation of the system introduced checks and balances that made such an event highly unlikely. Where in the system can we build in those vital checks and balances? Micro management "Secondly, the capability of modern communication systems encourages the process of centralisation.

It has been a fundamental tenet of twentieth century naval operational philosophy to leave the commander on the spot a high degree of freedom of action. Because it is now possible to control naval operations from remote headquarters ashore, are we sure that we are right to do this, and is there not a danger of remote micro-management?

It may be that a full analysis of the way that operations in the former republic of Yugoslavia have been conducted will give us a better feel for the answer. It is said she was given a wide berth by the Germans, who suspected her of being a Q-ship, or secretly armed vessel. Her career lasted from , during which time she made 50 major voyages. This picture gives a good view of the rigging.

Her reputation as a survivor earned her the sobriquet The Lucky Lawhill'. Nicholas Tracy shows how the Seven Years War and the War of the American Revolution stimulated the growth of new ideas in ship design and signalling and the perfection of drill so as to transform naval methods. Nelson was a master of all of them. The general action off Cape St Vincent on St Valentine's Day established Nelson's reputation and brought him to the attention of the world.

His dramatic initiative in taking HMS Captain out of the rear of the British line and engaging the leading Spaniards - which placed his ship in extreme danger since he faced no less than seven Spanish ships including the huge gun Santisima Trinidad was unauthorised and would have been suicidal had the Spanish been better trained. As it was, his prompt response to a tactical requirement was a nicelyjudged stroke.

Non-Ficton, Biography. Telephone: No obligation or SAE required. Contact: Fords C'lose. Bledlow Ridge. Cornwall TR16 6NX. Our free monBiry catalogues always oiler an interesting and nofHepetifeve selection from our large stock ol secondhand books on all aspects ol Naval. Send lor one now. Buy a new Naval Book or Video before checking pur prices first — which include delivery to your door. Paddy Orr? Contact number is If you haven't been in contact, call them on Mick or Eric.

ML Mr A. Hughes wants lo hear from old shipmates, including Coxswain E. Cyril "Jan" Allwood, a leading wireman on the same messdeck, would love to hear trom him again. Ian Duguid. Bill Hallett. Jacobson Tel. Taff Grimshaw and Frank Sharp, all commissions Contact Vic Neal, HMS Duchess Association welcomes new members from all commissions - a second reunion is planned for this year.

Details from G. Phipps, 3, Holt Weer Close. Oxford OX2 8NW, tel HMS Anson Association has more than members. To join, contact Ken Whiterod at 3. Deniston Ave, Bexley. Roy is at Saumarez St. He would be happy lo pass it on to anybody aboard at the time.

Jan Wyatt and Tom Cook. Information to Paul was last heard of living in the Manchester area in the early 60s. Contact Donald at 5. Brenthurst, 21 Varley Rd, Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg Sth Africa. HMS Burnham: If you can't make the reunions or join in other activities, perhaps you would still like to make contact with 70 or so shipmates through the Association newsletters.

Contact "Sam" Langford. Midx UB6 7QG, tel Huncote Rd. Also, former shipmates from the first commission of HMS Diomede from build in to the Cod War and prior to West Indies mid - contact Jim if you are interested in a reunion or association. Malaya and Borneo veterans: Any sol diers. The Trecarn has En-Suite bedrooms with colour TV, tea making facilities, and can accommodate up to Guests, The hotel has a large Dining Room that can hold up to Guests, as well as two spacious Ballrooms and Bar areas, ideal for any association regardless of its membership size.

Details from D. Contact secretary R. Draper at Rose Cottage. Contact Duke Ellington on as soon as possible. Details on For details, ring For details, contact Stan De'Ath. All members know of dates and hotel if you would like to join in, contact R.

Durber at 4, Sir Winston Churchill Close. Contact Mr D. Details from Clay Maxwell. Birmingham B46 1QP. Details from "Sam" Langford. A full programme is being prepared, including a proposed shipmates' march and a memorial service at the cenotaph. Further information from W. Aircraft Handlers Association is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a reunion at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool from April Details from Alan Golden on Mutter und Tochter vermisst — Polizei macht schreckliche.

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